Unified Products and Services Incorporated ( Franchising Hub ) was established and was officially launched November 11, 2011.


The company was initially formed as the exclusive marketing arm of Global Pinoy Remittance and Services Incorporated, its sister company.


Mr. Emmanuel Pascual is the President and owner of Global Pinoy Remittance Incorporated, Unified Products and Services Incorporated, Savemore Pharmacy and Minimart Franchise, and Unlitech Incorporated.

Unlitech Incorporated is the system provider for UPS.


With the phenomenal growth of the company and its proven expertise in multi-level marketing, Unified Products and Services Incorporated shifted to be an independent Multi-Level Marketing Company, and will cater to the traditional products and also to technology based services such as Remittance, Ticketing, Bills Payments and Universal Loading.


Unified Products and Services Incorporated offer various Dealership packages and Franchise hub.  It will empower global communities towards attaining financial freedom and economic stability.


Unified Products and Services Incorporated exists with the paramount purpose of providing business opportunities to everyone through our world class quality products and services.